What Happens when Short Sale Fails to Close

Published: 21st January 2010
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Short sales are also considered as a win-win situation for both the mortgage lender and the homeowner. The lender will get the highest price in the market value and the borrower's credit will be restored and gets relief from possible further legal actions and judgments. This kind of sale happens when a homeowner decides to sell the property for a lower price than what is owed to the mortgage lender after the brokerage and other sale expenses fees are paid. A short sale will only take place upon the agreement of the lender.

Home sellers who are desperate to prevent a foreclosure pursue a short sale. Some factors could negatively affect a short sale. One particular example is a situation where although the lender will lose plenty of money in foreclosing a home, the mortgage insurance payout could reduce the loss enough for them to consider a foreclosure more than a short sale.

Many short sales fail to close because of its being a time consuming effort that usually discourages buyers from purchasing the property. If the lender will agree to do a short sale, there are several documents needs preparation and signatures. The seller is normally given a ninety-day wait for the approval and assessment from the bank and the lender. During this time, the home may be left idle. If there are potential homebuyers, the considerable time of waiting for the lender's approval is usually the cause of backing out of the deal.

Some discrepancies and contentions are also major factors that could prevent a short sale from closing. This happens usually with inexperienced agents. Escrow and closing costs agreement ma occur between the buyer, the seller and the bank or the lender. Other assertions may arise between buyer and seller in cases where the home seller makes unreasonable requests such as overstaying in the home when the buyer has already purchased it.

A homeowner who wants to do a short sale of his or her home should carefully lay out the offer to be presented to the lender. It is helpful to look for a qualified buyer who is serious in buying the home before presenting a proposal to the mortgage lender. The homebuyer should be someone who is aware of the duration of time before the lender approves to do a short sale.

A homeowner must exercise patience to be able to convince the lender to a short sale. A foreclosure should be avoided by any means since this will create an adverse effect of a borrowers credit score and it represents a scary and difficult situation for a family.
In the event that a short sale fails to close, the result would still be foreclosure, which negatively affects the credit of the borrower. A homeowner is forced to look for possible resources to be able to save his or her home from a foreclosure, which in this situation is very hard that is why a short sale is a better option.

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