Transform your Garage into Additional Home Space

Published: 08th February 2010
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You can transform your garage into additional home space to make the area more useful and is a clever way to stretch your budget on upgrades. The garage is usually the most misused and underused part of your house. However, if you need additional living space for your home such as a hobby room, office, family room or an extra bedroom, transforming your garage is a great idea.

Transforming your garage is less costly and hassle free as a home addition, which often affect a part of the existing living areas in the home. Most garages already have installed plumbing and electricity, which only requires minor upgrades, which is cheaper than installing out of scratch.

Garage transformation allows your home to become your dream house and save you a lot of money in moving into a new house. Before you begin your conversion plans, make sure that the ideas you have in mind conform to the local regulations and building codes of the state you are in.

Here are a few suggestions on converting your garage into a home addition:

1. The most common type of garage is conversion is turning it into a hall or as part of your existing drawing room, making your home more spacious. This is appropriate since many garages are already connected to the front part of your house. You can make it more attractive by adding matching flooring, add electrical systems and create a good design to accommodate furniture.
2. Whether you have an attached or detached garage, it will encourage the design you are thinking. Both styles have advantages and disadvantages. The attached kind allows you to open a direct route from the house to the new home space, removing the need to exit from one structure to the other. It also produces the use of the area as family room, playroom or even a master bedroom. The detached type if great if you need a bigger separation such as a recording studio, home office, guest room or living quarters for grown up children.
3. The size of your garage, living space, storage needs and the zoning regulations in your locality could influence whether you need a full or partial conversion. If you plan to make a full conversion, ensure that you provide a covered parking area for your vehicles such as a carport. If you have a double garage, you can consider converting only a portion of it and use the rest for storage and parking. Careful planning and knowing the requirements in your area about parking regulations will help determine whether to make a full or partial transformation.
4. Transforming the area into childrens' playroom or study room is another great idea. This is much easier than turning it into a drawing room or a hall since the facilities required are cheaper and not as attractive. You may use cheaper tiles or carpeting to allow kids to move around the room comfortably. The major consideration would be ensuring that it is safe since children tend to be more careless. Slippery surfaces and sharp edges may cause accidents. Electrical switches and outlets should be located above childrens' reach. The room should be well ventilated, has ample lighting with shelves and cabinets where kids can store their books and toys. The room should have a bigger entrance and with easy to operate locks. Refrain using automatic locks since kids might accidentally lock themselves in.
5. Another realistic conversion is to make it into a utility area. This can be done if the garage is located at the back or at the side of your home, if possible near your kitchen.

Converting your garage into a home addition is a trend that is fast becoming popular since many people now realize that having an exclusive garage is a waste of precious and expensive space. Garage conversion does not only increase the usability value of your home, but also increases its value in the real estate market.

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